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Analysis of Polyurethane Sponge Mask

There are many kinds of masks on the market. Do you know polyurethane sponge mask? Today we will give you a brief analysis of the mask.


What is a polyurethane mask?

Polyurethane mask is a relatively common type of dust-proof mask. The mask is mainly made of polyurethane material and has good elasticity and tear resistance. Polyurethane is a polymer material, which is widely used in daily life, such as paint and coating in furniture, refrigerators and freezers in household appliances, roof waterproof insulation layer and interior and exterior wall coatings in the construction industry.


Polyurethane sponge mask breaks the plane structure of traditional masks, and has a three-dimensional support design to create a three-dimensional space; it fits the face and makes the mask have a good sealing effect; the comfortable cotton lining can inhibit the growth of bacteria; the wide body design fits the ears. The size can be adjusted freely. Generally speaking, the role of polyurethane masks is mainly good decoration, sun protection, dust prevention, and pollen.


Are polyurethane sponge masks toxic?

The full name of polyurethane is polyurethane, which is a kind of high molecular compound, which is prepared with diisocyanate and hydroxyl-terminated polyester as raw materials. Polyurethane masks made of polyurethane materials are non-toxic and harmless. Not only that, this fabric is skin-friendly, breathable, and has a delicate touch and soft touch, which can provide comfortable protection; however, as a protective equipment, the mask has a very good protective ability. But there is basically no protection against viruses, so it is not recommended to wear this type of mask during the epidemic. The fabric is skin-friendly and breathable, and it is relatively comfortable to wear under normal conditions.



What is the PU sponge dust face mask effectiveness?

PU sponge dust face masks are essential protective equipment for workers engaged in and in contact with dust.In the choice of sponge masks, to work against the necessary staff.Choose the correct sponge mask.PU sponge dust masks is a new type of sponge masks, able to filter tiny particles in the air.


PU sponge dust face masks with a new kind of organic polymer materials, its superior performance is widely used in aerospace and other high-tech category, sponge face mask use multilayer superposition to the principle of broussonetia papyrifera three-dimensional network structure block dust, it using polyurethane material and itself is a three-dimensional planar mesh structure,  after fine processing and sewing, constitute a high density of dust blocking space,Dust blocking rate of an astonishing 99%, dust have a super defense.


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