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Flat Mask Selection And Wearing Matters

Today we will discuss the choice of masks and some precautions.

1. Classification of flat masks

Usually divided into surgical masks and ordinary protective masks.

For the prevention of the new coronavirus, the protective performance of surgical masks is higher than that of ordinary protective masks.

2. Performance parameters

Surgical masks:

Bacteria filtration rate is not less than 98%, particle filtration rate is not less than 98%, breathing resistance is less than 60Pa/cm2, under a pressure of 120mmHg, blood penetration test of 32 masks, passing through no more than 3.

Ordinary protective mask:

The bacterial filtration rate is not less than 95%, and the respiratory resistance is less than 40Pa/cm2.

3.The choice of masks

Medical workers, or those who need to come into close contact with people infected with the new coronavirus, must wear surgical masks.

In non-gathering places, non-medical places, wear ordinary protective masks.

The current market is relatively stable, and the price difference between the two is not big. It is recommended that you choose surgical masks, which are safer and more assured.

4.The correct way to wear masks

a.Make a distinction between the outside and the inside

From the perspective of the folds of the mask, the folds down is the outside, and the folds up is the inside (close to the face).

b.Distinguish the top and bottom of the mask.

The side with the bridge of the nose is above.

c. How to wear

Please wash your hands before wearing a mask! After putting on the mask, pull the lower end of the mask down to the chin to wrap the entire chin. Press the nose bridge so that the nose bridge fits the nose bridge.

5.Precautions for wearing a mask

① Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

② After wearing the mask, try not to touch the mask. If you must touch, remember to wash your hands before and after touching.

③ When removing the mask, do not touch the outside of the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

④ Do not reuse disposable masks.

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