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Mask Requirements For Public Transportation

Today we are going to talk about the topic of masks for public transportation. What is the mask requirements for public transportation?When taking public transportation,there is very strict requirements for wearing masks. Under the current epidemic, if you cannot wear a mask in accordance with relevant regulations, you will not be able to use public transportation normally.


According to the air defense requirements of the Ministry of Transport: When taking public transportation, you must measure your body temperature, and you must wear a mask throughout the entire process. Those who find abnormal body temperature and do not cooperate with the measurement of body temperature will be refused to board the car; those who are found to wear masks irregularly will be actively persuaded to raise their awareness of protection, and those who refuse to wear masks irregularly after persuasion will be refused to ride the car.


How to wear a mask in a standardized way? WM summarized the following points for everyone:

1. When wearing a mask, make sure that the mask covers the mouth, nose and chin, and the nose clip should be compacted;

2. When the mask is dirty, deformed, damaged, or peculiar smell, it needs to be replaced in time, and the cumulative wearing time of each mask should not exceed 8 hours;

3. It is not recommended to reuse masks that have been used on cross-regional public transportation or in hospitals and other environments;

4. Masks that need to be reused should be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place when not in use;

5. If you feel stuffy, short of breath and other discomforts while wearing a mask, you should go to an open and ventilated place to remove the mask immediately;

6. Bring spare masks when you go out and store them in the original packaging bags or clean storage bags to avoid squeezing and deformation. Waste masks are classified as other garbage for disposal.


Finally, WM draws an important point for everyone:

When taking public transportation, you must be in a standardized way throughout the journey

Wearing mask! ! !

Wearing mask! ! !

Wearing mask! ! !


Only by wearing masks throughout the entire process, keeping social distance as much as possible, and doing a good job in personal hygiene can you be responsible for yourself and others.


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