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Customer Service:+86-512-62621601

Monday to Friday 8:00 - 18:00

Weekends and holidays 8:00 ~ 17:00

Technical Support:+86-512-65953501

Services: Parameters advice

Function Operating Instructions, abnormal and fault judgment

Technical Support

Complaints and Suggestions: +86-512-62621603

We would like to hear from you. Please leave us your feedback and suggestions.

We will use your feedback to continuously upgrade our products and services.

Product Consultation: +86-512-62621606

You have any questions about our products can E-mail to us.

Professional customer service will give you a comprehensive, thoughtful technology solutions.


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Traffic Routes:+86-512-62621602

Drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 1 hour 42 minutes

Agent information: +86-512-62621601

General Manager Mailbox: +86-512-65953508

Comments and suggestions to the general manager

More Help:+86-512-62621607

General Questions

Please e-mail us with any questions or feedback about our website

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Add: 1-3603, Global 188, NO.88 Suhui Road, Suzhou Industrial Park,

Jiangsu, China, 215021


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