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Disposable Cap

Disposable caps are used to act as barriers to stop microorganisms that emerge from the hair that may cause pollution problems. So there are a big need for disposable medical caps and headcovers in hospitals and other medical facilities, especially during a pandemic. Besides, Going disposable can be great for business and cost-effective because you don't have to launder any fabric.

Wellmien Disposable Cap Catalog


Wellmien is one of the leading disposable cap suppliers & manufacturers in China. We provide a wide range of high-quality non-woven caps including disposable surgical caps, disposable bouffant caps, disposable surgeon caps and protective caps to meet the requirements of our clients. Our nonwoven cap will keep contaminants away from patients or other medical personnel.

All of our disposable head caps are made of SpunbondPolypropylene, non-woven fabric with great characteristics such as moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible and etc. We have sanitation and quality in accordance with the FDA, CE, ISO13485. If you're looking for a professional non-woven disposable cap supplier, please contact us and get a price quote.

  • Material: New 100% SBPP

  • Grammage: 10-40GSM

  • Color: White, blue, green, pink, or Customize

  • Size: 18 inches, 21 inches, 24 inches or Customize

  • Min Order: 200,000 pieces

  • Style: With 2 ties on the back or with elastic in pleated or clip shape

  • Packaging: 100PCS/Bag, 10bags/CTN

  • Application: Electronic manufacturers, restaurants, food processing, laboratory, hospital, etc

disposable cap application

Disposable Head Cap for Sale

Disposable Bouffant Cap Double Elasti Surgical Nonwoven Mob Cap

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Nonwoven Doctor Cap Machine Made Wholesale Doctor Cap With Ties For Hospital Die Out

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Round Cap Medical Disposable Nonwoven Nursing Cap For Hospital Covid-19

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Disposable Bouffant Cap Single Elastic Non-Woven Medical Head Cover

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Disposable Surgical Cap Nonwoven Medical Doctor Cap With Ties on Back

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Medical Disposable Surgeon Cap Head Cover Non woven With Elastic Covid-19

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Disposable Nonwoven Astronaut Cap With Face Mask

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Head Cover/Astronaut Cap / Pirate Cap / Space Hat Nonwoven SBPP Without Face Mask

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Machine Made Beard Cover Earloop Nonwoven Disposable For Food Industry

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Handmade Beard Cover Earloop Nonwoven Disposable For Food Industry

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Disposable Cap FAQs

Q: What are the disposable caps made of?

A: SBPP, SMS and Nylon.

Q: What kinds of the caps do you have?

A: Round cap, Bouffant (Mob)cap, Doctor cap with ties, Doctor cap with elastic, Astronaut Cap, Hair net, Pirate hat with face mask.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for disposable cap?

A: Round cap, Bouffant cap, Hair net : 200,000 pcs, Doctor cap, Astronaut cap: 100,000pcs.

Q: Are you able to custom the packing?

A: Definitely. Any artwork shared to us will be helpful. Packing can be printed according to client design or designed by Wellmien team as well. For example, inner bag with sticker, inner bag printing, outer carton printing or with sticker.

Q: Do you have any certificate that can be allowed to import to European countries?

A: Yes, DOC( Declaration of Conformity), CE, and ISO13485.

Q: Can you share any Corporate Giants who had worked with Wellmien?

A: NHS (the United Kingdom),Singapore( Guardian),TESCO (the United Kingdom),72HRS(Canada),MCJ(USA),O&M (USA) etc.

Q: What document will be requested by customs clearance at the port of destination?

A: Different countries have different requirements for customs clearance document. Most of countries only need the bill of lading, packing list, and invoice. Read more>>


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