Emergency Blanket
Wellmien Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket

A disposable emergency blanket that can protect your life in critical times. It is made of vacuum metallized polyethylene, which reflects 90% of body heat. The first aid blanket is easy to open, will not shred if cut or punctured, tears can be repaired, and will not crumple in high winds. The orange appearance of the safety blanket provides high visibility and enables rescuers to find you easily.

Wellmien Mergency Blanket Catalog

Thermal Emergency blanket is lightweight and convenient, can be stored in backpacks, cars, first aid kits, travel bags, camping equipment, or emergency kits at home or at work. Emergency blankets are suitable for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, outdoor travel or wilderness trips and cycling.

Other uses: as tents, backpacking covers, ponchos, emergency signals, solar ovens, sunshades, fishing decoys, bird repellents, emergency shelters, sleeping bag liners, ground covers, camping bags, windbreaks, arm slings, tourniquets, camping, trail markers, water collectors, snowmelt containers.

Price: 0.3/pc~4.5/pc. MOQ: 5000

emergency blanket

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Customer Reviews

Nicolas Brulet Multedo From France
As a Wellmien’s customer, I would like to express my feedback on the emergency blanket and its supplier. The emergency blanket provided by the supplier has been exceptional in terms of quality and functionality. It has proven to be an essential tool for our emergency preparedness kits. The blanket's durable material and thermal insulation properties have ensured the safety and comfort of our customers during critical situations. Moreover, the supplier's prompt delivery and excellent customer service have exceeded our expectations. Their responsiveness and willingness to address any concerns or inquiries have made them a reliable partner. Overall, we highly recommend both the emergency blanket and the supplier for their outstanding products and services.
Manin Yuri From Russia
Our company based in Russia, recently purchased emergency blankets from Wellmien. We are highly satisfied with the quality and performance of the blankets. They have proven to be reliable and effective in emergency situations, providing excellent insulation and heat retention. The blankets are lightweight, compact, and easy to store, making them ideal for our needs. Additionally, we appreciate the prompt and efficient service provided by WELLMIEN. Their professionalism, timely delivery, and competitive pricing have made them a trusted partner for our business. We highly recommend both the emergency blankets and Wellmien to other potential customers in need of reliable emergency supplies.
Cherniak Yuriy From Ukraine
I recently had the opportunity to work with a reliable supplier -WELLMIEN who provided emergency blankets for my business. These blankets have proven to be essential in meeting the needs of our customers during emergency situations. The Wellmien's commitment to quality is commendable, as the blankets are durable, lightweight, and provide excellent insulation. Our customers have expressed great satisfaction with the emergency blankets. They appreciate the blankets' ability to retain body heat, ensuring warmth and comfort in challenging conditions. The reflective material used in the blankets also aids in visibility, making them ideal for search and rescue operations. Furthermore, Wellmien's professionalism and prompt delivery have been exceptional. Their efficient communication and attention to detail have made the procurement process seamless. I highly recommend Wellmien to other businesses seeking reliable emergency blanket solutions.
Kate Sapari From Greece
Emergency blanket is a crucial product for us. It provides essential warmth and protection during emergencies. Our supplier WELLMIEN delivers top-quality blankets consistently, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their reliability and promptness in meeting our demands are commendable. The blankets' durability and effectiveness have earned positive feedback from our customers. We appreciate Wellmien's commitment to delivering exceptional products that meet our standards.
Tim Maggs From USA
Our outdoor gear store highly recommends the emergency blanket for its exceptional quality and reliability. This essential item provides crucial protection in emergency situations, offering insulation and heat retention. Our customers appreciate its compact size, making it easy to carry during outdoor adventures. The emergency blanket's durability ensures long time use, while its reflective surface enhances visibility for search and rescue operations. We value our supplier Wellmien's commitment to delivering top-notch products promptly. Their consistent quality and excellent customer service make them a trusted partner in meeting our customers' needs..
I am writing to express my feedback regarding the emergency blankets we recently purchased from your company. Firstly, I would like to commend the quality and effectiveness of the emergency blankets. They have proven to be reliable and durable during our testing and usage. The blankets' ability to retain heat and provide insulation in emergency situations is highly commendable. Furthermore, I appreciate the prompt delivery and efficient service provided by your company. The professionalism exhibited by your team throughout the procurement process has been exemplary. Your attention to detail and willingness to address our inquiries and concerns promptly have greatly contributed to a smooth and satisfactory transaction. In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the emergency blankets and the overall experience of working with your company. I look forward to continuing our business relationship and exploring further opportunities for collaboration. Thank you for your outstanding products and exceptional service.

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