Underpad & Diapers
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Underpad & Diapers

Disposable underpads are single-use, filled with absorbent material to hold urine, bodily fluids, or other fluids. Such as: coping with the challenge of incontinence in a loved one, flooring around a baby changing table or toilet during toddler potty training. For a little trouble in life,  the absorbent disposable underpad can give you peace of mind.

Underpads are often placed on hospital beds to absorb urine and other bodily fluids and to help keep moisture away from delicate or at-risk skin. While many people think of pads only for incontinence care, they are actually multipurpose multitaskers that you can use anywhere in your home. You can use them in the bedroom to protect mattresses and bedding, in the living room to cover chairs and sofas, in the back door as an absorbent pad for shoes, in the nursery as a line changing table mat, and even in the bathroom to protect Floors to avoid toilet training mistakes.

  • Filled with absorbent fluff pulp material

  • Soft non-woven top layer helps prevent skin irritation from moisture

  • Waterproof polyethylene backing

  • Size:40"X72" 27"X67" or as request

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Shoe Covers FAQs

Q: Are they noisy when a person sleeps on them and turns over?

A: No sound was heard. They are very comfortable.

Q: Do this have adhesive in the back to stick to the bedsheet underneath?

A: No, no adhesive on the back.

Q: Can these be cut to smaller sizes and still work?

A: Yes, except for the cut ends, but you need to be aware that liquids may run over the cut edges.

Q: Do these have flavor?

A:  It does not have any smell and has good water absorption.


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