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Disposable Shoe Cover

Shoe covers as PPE are disposable coverings that can be worn over shoes to protect healthcare workers from bloody and bodily fluid contamination in the hospitals. If you work in a medical, laboratory, clean room, chemical, or emergency response environment, the hazards being faced are more diverse and complicated. Not only do shoe covers prevent an area being contaminated by footwear, they also protect footwear from the surrounding environment, removing the need to clean footwear after use and therefore saving time. And now you need safety and non-skid protected shoe covers to protect yourself.

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Shoe Covers Supplier

Wellmien is one of the leading disposable shoe cover manufacturers and suppliers in China. We specialize in manufacturing a wide selection of high-quality shoe covers in different colors, sizes and materials at wholesale prices, including non woven shoe cover, CPE shoe covers, PE shoe covers and PVC shoe covers. As a professional shoe cover supplier in China, our disposable shoe covers are easy to put on and remove, various sizes are available to fit any foot plus they are also available in one size fits all. We provide a diverse product line for every need and every application on our boot cover products.

Technical Specifications

Choose Wellmien's disposable shoe cover for jobs where you would like to protect the surfaces you are working on or protect your footwear.

  • Material: Polypropylene Nonwoven fabric, Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) fabric, PVC, PE, Plastic

  • Size: 36X15cm, 39X15cm, 40X15cm, 40X17cm or as request.

  • Color: white, blue, black or as request

  • Style: machine made or handmade

  • Packing: 50pcs/bag; 500pcs/ctn

  • Application: Clean Roooms, hotel, electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory computer rooms, hospital and other clean working environment.

shoe cover application

Product Features

Material Enviromental Protection

Our boot covers are made of high quality PE/CPE/PVC materials. High transparency and good touchness.

Thick and Waterproof Shoe

Wellmien's disposable medical shoe covers use thicker material to prevent slippery wear-resisting, waterproof and dustproof.

Excellent Elasticity

The boot cover adotps gauze silk rubber band, which is firm and not easy to break, not fall off during free telescopic walking.

If you're looking for a reliable shoe cover manufacturer, please contact us for a quick quote.

Disposable Shoe Cover for Sale

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Shoe Covers FAQs

Q: What are the materials of the shoe cover?

A: The most common materials are CPE, SBPP(Non-woven), PE, CPE+PP (Half edge CPE coated non-woven fabric). Special materials are SF, PVC, SMS, PP+PE.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of shoe cover?

A: 100,000 pcs. For container shipping, please contact us to calculate the specific quantity.

Q: How to choose the right shoe covers when the first buying?

A: Confirm the working enviroment of shoe cover, the advice is as below but always follow clients’ request:

  • Household cleaning: PE or CPE material is OK, Weight: 2.5g/pc

  • Factory cleaning workshop: CPE(3.5-4.5g/pc), SBPP(25-40gsm), CPE+PP

  • Daily protection in hospitals and beauty salons: CPE(3.0-4.5g/pc), SBPP, CPE+PP, SMS

  • Special protection against infectious diseases: SF, SMS(50-60gsm)

  • Slaughterhouses, food processing plants: PVC, PP+PE,With waterproof function or as requested

Q: Are you able to custom the packing?

A: Definitely. Any artwork shared to us will be helpful. Packing can be printed according to client design or designed by Wellmien team as well.

Q: Do you have any certificate that can be allowed to import to European countries?

A: Yes, DOC( Declaration of Conformity), CE, and ISO13485.

Q: Can you share any Corporate Giants who had worked with Wellmien?

A: NHS (the United Kingdom),Singapore( Guardian),TESCO (the United Kingdom),72HRS(Canada),MCJ(USA),O&M (USA) etc.

Q: What document will be requested by customs clearance at the port of destination?

A: Different countries have different requirements for customs clearance document. Most of countries only need the bill of lading, packing list, and invoice. Read more>>


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